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We have been involved in the treatment of cleft lip and palate for more than 80 years, and have always aimed to be at the forefront of the world. As a university hospital, we provide comprehensive treatment for cleft lip, cleft palate, and orofacial growth (including other facial cleft patients who require similar treatment, and patients with congenital jaw deformities such as Robin's sequence) from neonate to adult with the help of a multi-disciplinary team.

We opened our “Center for Cleft Lip and Palate Treatment” in 2015.

After the establishment of the center, a director and a nurse dedicated to the center were appointed, and a joint conference of multiple departments is held once a month to discuss and decide the diagnosis and treatment plan for each patient.

We are currently conducting several clinical research projects in parallel, and all of our staff will continue to make efforts to provide patients with even higher quality treatment by gathering the knowledge and skills of specialists in each specialized field.

Staff members of the oral surgery department, division of Oral-Facial Disorders, orthodontic department, nursing department, etc. will stay close to the children and their family members.


What are cleft lip and cleft palate?

Cleft lip and cleft palate are congenital facial deformations occurring due to splits in the baby's lips, alveolus, and upper jaw. It is said that about 1 of 500 babies in Japan are born with the condition, and in many cases, the cause is unknown.

Treatment which takes a long time, along with growth, is needed. The treatment differs in each patient, depending on the shape of the cleft. An average of 5 to 7 operations are needed until the cleft becomes inconspicuous. Treatment methods are established, and will be less noticeable by about adulthood. We watch over the growth of the patient from infanthood to adulthood and provide the necessary treatment from time to time. There are individual differences, one patient will be examined for a long period of time, from a few days after birth to adulthood or even later.

There are no other clinical department in Osaka University Dental Hospital which observes the clinical progress over such a long time. We work together with the families in the process of dealing with the condition from infanthood to adulthood.

What are cleft lip and cleft palate?

How to feed milk to a child with cleft lip and palate on video

You can watch a video of feeding milk for a child with cleft lip and palate on Youtube and the hospital homepage.

This video explains how to feed milk to the child until fitted with the (Hotz) plate.
Let’s solve the difficulties of feeding milk.

How to feed milk to a child with cleft lip and palate on video


Osaka university dental hospitalCenter for Cleft Lip and Palate Treatment

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Osaka university dental hospital Center for Cleft Lip and Palate Treatment